How To Participate

If you would like to help make your regular arXiv discussions better, we recommend you follow these rules of thumb:

  1. Read the abstract of the papers you vote for, and be ready to present the paper’s major results. Extra credit for actually reading the paper itself!
  2. Vote early, preferably right after reading the day’s new postings. This will give people time to go over the papers that will be likely discussed before the discussion itself.
  3. Read the abstracts that are already near the top of the agenda, so that you will be ready to talk about the papers that are likely to be discussed.
  4. Suggest papers you want to know more about to your local experts. This will encourage people who know the subject matter to participate in the discussion.
  5. Comment on papers frequently. A few relevant references can really help non-experts participate in the discussion.

And that’s it!


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