We present a clustering analysis of Luminous Red Galaxies (LRGs) in SDSS Stripe 82. We study the angular 2-point correlation function, w(theta), of 130,000 LRG candidates via colour-cut selections in izK with the K band coverage coming from UKIDSS LAS. We have used the cross-correlation technique of Newman (2008) to establish the LRG redshift distribution. Cross-correlating with SDSS QSOs, MegaZ-LRGs and DEEP2 galaxies implies an average LRG redshift of z~1 with space density, n_g~3.2x10^-4 h^3 Mpc^-3. For theta 50 h^-1 Mpc. If this result is not caused by systematics, then it may provide evidence for primordial non-Gaussianity in the matter distribution, with f^local_NL=90+/-30.