We introduce a data reduction package written in Interactive Data Language (IDL) for the Magellan Echellete Spectrograph (MAGE). MAGE is a medium-resolution (R ~4100), cross-dispersed, optical spectrograph, with coverage from ~3000-10000 Angstroms. The MAGE Spectral Extractor (MASE) incorporates the entire image reduction and calibration process, including bias subtraction, flat fielding, wavelength calibration, sky subtraction, object extraction and flux calibration of point sources. We include examples of the user interface and reduced spectra. We show that the wavelength calibration is sufficient to achieve ~5 km/s RMS accuracy and relative flux calibrations better than 10%. A light-weight version of the full reduction pipeline has been included for real-time source extraction and signal-to-noise estimation at the telescope.